Megacity Courier Services

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Megacity Courier Services (popularly known as Megacity) has enjoyed a meteoric rise from its inception in 2000. The company's activities stem from its Corporate Office at Kolkata and branches out to its network through its Regional Offices, strategically located of India.The company is headquartered in Kolkata, with 4 of its Zonal Offices of the country respectively. It currently has its presence in over 80 locations across the country with strategically positioned regional & branch offices. The business is micro-driven through its Regional Strategic Business Units.


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The company's philosophy has always been "GROW & LET GROW". Our dedicated staff has excelled in giving our valuable customers courteous and efficient service. We at "MEGACITY" have been striving to give a very congenial working environment and a sense of belonging. This, without an iota of doubt, has given a very rich dividend by helping in its exponential growth.


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Our Services

We can offer competitive rates with service standards which are best in the industry. As part of our worldwide expansion plan, we are soliciting enquiries from Reliable Business Associate / Affiliate for strategic alliance from the same industry in other countries.

Megacity Courier Service

Kamalesh Mondal (CEO):+91 33 2215 0035, Mob +91 9903367865
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Delivery Solutions

Customer enterprises have to deliver Products & Services to their end customers, directly or through their vendors, in a timely and effective manner. This is a critical area of concern for large customer based organisations like Banking, Financial Services & Insurance companies. Last mile connectivity and fulfillment has to be managed professionally with the best service and quality standards. At Expressit we deliver


Customer Acquisition Fulfillment

In Customer Acquisition Fulfillment, we provide “End to End�Solutions to Enterprise Customers who outsource a “complete process�to a service provider as against the prevailing concept of outsourcing specific “tasks�in the process to different vendors and retaining the responsibility of appointing, controlling and coordinating the multiple vendors.

E Commerce Fulfillmen

Advance payments to be collected from customers across the country and handed over to the Company.
Delivery of the goods / services ordered.
Collection of the value of the goods after delivery, if that is the mode of payment option offered.