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Megacity Courier Service is one of the leading Courier service provider in Eastern India. Operating from the Head office at Kolkata, now we have a strong network of more than 250 Branches/ Offices in all the major cities of India from which we provide our best service to almost every corner of India.We always tried our best to understand and fulfill your needs by providing the highest level of reliability and customised services at an economical cost.In the year 2000 Megacity Courier Service started its operation locally in Kolkata, with limited capital and manpower.On a span of 11 years it went on to develop as a leading courier service provider to its valuable customers in all over India basis.The hard working Man power and the will to achieve success have positioned our self on a success path which leads us to a leading position of the Express industry.Now we are an all India based premium courier company more known for our efficiency, Professionalism and Utilisation of modern technologies.Our client’s trust, our hard work and the best service at economical prices have helped us reach where we are today.


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